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SaltDogg SHPE Electric Poly Hopper Salt Spreader Series: An Overview

SaltDogg SHPE Electric Poly Hopper Salt Spreader Series: An Overview

Feb 17th 2020

When it comes to salt spreading, you want machines that are highly efficient, versatile, sturdy, and capable of offering top performance. SaltDogg by Buyers Products has some of the most amazing salt spreaders in their wide range of products that meet these requirements. In this blog, we are sharing an overview of SaltDogg SHPE electric poly hopper salt spreader Series—

SaltDogg SHPE salt spreaders are available in multiple sizes to accommodate a variety of vehicles, from UTVs, to pickup trucks, up to trucks with 26,000 LBS. GVW. The capacities range from 0.75 cubic yards to 6 cubic yards, and the spreaders can spread bulk salt or a 50/50 salt sand mix. All sizes are available with extended chutes to accommodate taller vehicles. SHPEs feature patented double-walled poly hoppers. They're super-sturdy and corrosion-resistant. Two integral baffles on the smaller models help reduce stress on the auger to optimize material flow and reduce the risk of jamming. These baffles are adjustable to accommodate a variety of spread materials. The 2 cubic yard model, on the other hand, features a stainless steel inverted V. Though the model offers similar performance, it has just a slightly different design to handle higher capacity.

SaltDogg SHPE salt spreaders use low-maintenance electric drives with independent motors for the auger and spinner, which is great because they don't require fuel and run quieter than gas motors. A half horsepower motor powers the two and a half-inch stainless steel auger. This works in conjunction with the included 200-pound vibrator to provide smooth, consistent material flow. If the spreader gets jammed, the auger automatically reverses up to three times to help clear the clog. The 14-inch poly spinner is powered by its own quarter horsepower motor. It spreads material 5 to 30 feet, and an adjustable deflector helps direct the spread pattern to best suit your requirements. The adjustable chute can be moved forward or back to better accommodate different weight materials.

The entire spinner assembly is also removable, which allows for easy cleaning. Intuitive in-cab controls let you precisely manage your spreading with independent auger and spinner speed settings, and a vibrator on/off switch. Every SHPE spreader comes standard with a bunch of useful accessories. Tie-downs are included to help you secure your spreader to your vehicle, a top screen helps break up clumps of material during loading, a fitted tarp keeps the inside of your hopper dry and protected between uses, and a remote auger bearing grease kit makes it easy to keep your spreader operating at peak performance.

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