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Tarp Systems


Everyday loading and unloading can be a big problem and a setback for those aiming at a quick turnaround time. Heavy Duty Trucks are involved and engaged in almost all the on-ground activities that can often be very risky and clumsy.

The tarp systems for heavy-duty trucks is now a standard in the industry and to uphold high standards came up with high-quality dump truck tarp systems along with the ideal dump trailer tarp roller kit, for easy maneuvering. Competing at the highest level takes some backing & we provide you with the complete tools and service for dump trailer mesh tarps and truck tarp motors.

High-performance Tarping systems from Tarping Systems, Inc. can help you with the latest products & parts, such as; 1.5HP APACHE SLIM Gear Motor 50:1 12VDC, 18'-28' Dump Truck Arm ONLY System Tarp Kit, 18'-28' Dump Truck Electric 5 Spring Arm Kit INCLUDES Mesh Tarp & Wind Screen, and other various high-end truck and trailer accessories.

We have the latest electric dump truck tarp systems - with both side mount and underbody spring mount systems!

Innovate your approach - with Paris Supply.