Salt Spreaders


 The basic purpose that salt spreaders serve is to distribute salt on slippery and icy surfaces evenly. Most salt spreaders are not too different from fertilizer spreaders, both in appearance and functionality. Sand and salt spreaders are commonly available in two versions – vehicle-mounted and walk-behind. We offer affordable salt spreaders for trucks and ATVs. We supply three varieties of salt spreaders to buyers, namely insert salt spreaders, walk-behind salt spreaders, and tailgate spreaders.

The benefit of buying truck and ATV salt spreaders from us is that you get products that are built from a strong and durable material – our products can handle the most extreme of conditions and will last without needing much maintenance.

You can use our salt spreaders in driveways, sidewalks, and parking lots – areas commonly associated with snow and ice buildup. Trucks equipped with our salt spreaders can help in removing snow from roads and highways that see heavy traffic.