Spreader Parts and Accessories


Featuring high-performance polyurethane material the salt spreader parts are the ideal components for salt spinners and can handle grit abrasion and salt in an effective manner. Found typically behind the vehicle-mounted versions, the salt spreader is used to evenly dispatch rock salt on those areas that are icy or slippery. You need to maintain your salt spreader to keep it in a pristine working condition, and it is advisable that you don’t miss out on the maintenance schedules. With the climate being so unpredictable, you should always be prepared to tackle such weather anomalies.

By regular usage, some parts of the snow removing equipment might get worn out, and it is always recommended that you replace those worn out parts with the new salt spreader parts. Due to the long service life, minimized grit spreader wear, durability, and low weight, the salt spreader parts by the commercial truck accessories distributor, Paris Supply, is among the most favored components by our customers. Being an online company with minimal overhead costs, we can provide you with exceptional discounts. Hence, you have the privilege to purchase our products at a very affordable price.