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Ice Pre-Treatment for Maintenance of Roads During Winter

Nov 19th 2018

Winter storms and unexpected snowfalls contribute a great deal to road accidents and crashes. Poor visibility and reduced surface friction are the prime factors behind such tragedies. Slippery ice-covered areas require special precautions and often cause delays in our everyday operations. There is no denying the fact that after-snowfall, clean-up consumes a lot of time and resources. While low-density traffic areas can be restored to normalcy with the aid of salt spreaders, highways and other commercial areas require ice pre-treatment. 

Imagine how amazing it would be if a certain barrier could prevent accumulation of ice on the ground. Maintenance and treatment of large areas would become incredibly easy and a sharp decline in road accidents would occur. Fortunately, this dream can be realized with the help of anti-icing and deicing equipment. They are used for spraying brine, magnesium Chloride, or Calcium Chloride on the highway before the storm hits which prevents formation of ice. A high quality deicing equipment can cover up to three lanes at once and can be easily loaded, unloaded and stored. The entire process is hassle-free, practical in nature and does not consume too much time.

Unlike salt spreaders, deicing equipment prevents dangerous build-up of ice in the first place and eliminates the need of snow removal. Paris Supply is a leading supplier of world-class equipment for dealing with snowy weather conditions. They are well-known for their top-notch products which come handy in emergencies.

If you are associated with a snow removal project and are in dire need of high quality equipment for tackling serious issues, Paris Supply is the best option for you.