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Ever thought about turning your pickup bed into a dump truck?

Ever thought about turning your pickup bed into a dump truck?

Posted by Buyers Products on Jul 9th 2020

Here are 8 reasons thinks you should!

  1. Its easy. Dump Inserts like Buyer’s Products® DumperDogg™ are self-contained. The DumperDogg supplied by comes with its own DC Power/Hydraulic unit, frame, and cylinder. All you have to do is mount the unit, wire it to your power source, and install the in-cab controller.
  2. It gives your back a rest. A dump insert can alleviate the strain of manually unloading gravel, mulch, and chips.
  3. It saves money. Dump inserts are relatively inexpensive and pay for themselves quickly. Save on future dump truck rentals or purchasing a new dump truck. Plus you’ll save time and labor—a landscaper’s most valuable resource.
  4. It can carry a big load. Extended sides on dump inserts, like the DumperDogg Polymer Dump Insert  supplied by let you carry up to 1-1/2 cubic yards of additional material.
  5. It lets you use your pickup bed. The Polymer DumperDogg is designed so you can lay pallets or a standard size plywood sheet in the bed of the insert. The extended height sides let you pile cargo inside.
  6. It goes wherever your pickup can. The versatility of a pickup allows you to maneuver your load exactly where you need to dump it.
  7. It keeps your truck looking good. Dump inserts are built for hauling, and protect your truck from damage caused by hauling and removing heavy loads. For even more protection, add a bolt-on cab guard.
  8. It can be used all year long. Dump inserts supplied by can be turned into high-volume pickup spreaders/salters in the winter. Check out this SaltDogg® DumperDogg Replacement Tailgate Spreader that’s designed to fit DumperDogg inserts.

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