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Polished Aluminum Arm Kits


Polished Aluminum Arm Tarp Kits

How do you cover or curtain the load you are carrying in your dump truck? Well, most people use tarps for this purpose; however, choosing one of all the types available on the market these days could be a big problem. If you ask us, we would suggest our aluminum arm tarp kits. Why? It is simple. Aluminum is way lighter than steel. So, if you use steel tarp kits, you would only be adding more weight to your loaded dump truck, which isn’t a wise thing to do, more so if you would be traveling a long distance. Plus, aluminum is rustproof too; hence it won’t cost you much in maintenance. Another reason for buying one of our aluminum art tarp kits for your dump truck is that these kits come with all the components along with tarps and arms required to install the tarp on your truck. We can provide you these tarps for dump trucks of different lengths. If you have a tarp, you can choose our arm only kits, or if you are looking for the entire system, we have kits that come with tarps and everything required to install them as well.