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4 Tips to Pick the Best Truck Tool Boxes

4 Tips to Pick the Best Truck Tool Boxes

Sep 13th 2019

Getting stuck in the middle of nowhere can give you hard times when you don’t have hardware and instruments to repair your vehicle quickly. To avoid falling under such circumstances, it is essential to keep a secure toolbox along. In a strong toolbox, equipment and accessories stay organized and protected from theft. If you are looking for an aluminum truck toolbox to keep all your tools secured, here are a few tips to go through to pick from the best truck tool boxes:

Pick style as Per Specific Need

Every driver wants to customize his truck as per will. Since every four-wheeler is different, you get plenty of options to choose the required toolbox. Some of the most common designs are mentioned here:

● Underbody Toolbox -
Not only protects against weather and harsh conditions but also protects from thieves’ eyes.

Top-Sider Toolbox - Available in different sizes, the Top-sider toolbox keeps tools organized, even after rough trail rides. There is no option to drill mounting though.

Lo-Sider/Rail Toolbox - Similar to Top-sider, the toolbox is excellent to secure tools and hardware with enough space. The only difference is it is set lower on the side of your truck for swift pickup.

● Crossover Toolbox - The toolbox sets like a bridge between the sides of the truck bed. Inclusive of tray and drivers, this toolbox comes with one-touch push-button locks.

● Trailer Tongue Toolbox - Besides pulling a trailer, the trailer tongue box comes with plenty of storage space to secure hardware and tools.
Safety Features

Once you have selected the toolbox of your choice, make sure you are investing in a safe and secure box. After all, safety comes first no matter what. You don’t want your toolbox, full of heavy tools and equipment, to cause unwanted damage. For instance, drawers easily detaching or sliding, or the lid lock not being tight enough to keep the tools intact.

Material of the toolbox

There is no point of investing in something cheap and regretting later for not buying something durable. As per your requirement, go for a steel or aluminum truck toolbox. Also, keep in mind factors like resistance to corrosion, dents, and damages.

Take Measures

Before you bring home a toolbox, make sure it fits into your truck or vehicle where you want to place it. Check the box’s length and bed, especially when opting for a crossover toolbox. While picking an asymmetrical one, be sure that it fits perfectly and doesn’t get loose when you drive.

Only after taking a thorough look, select and install a toolbox, that suffices your every need.