UP-GRADEABLE TO ELECTRIC Manual Hand Crank Roller Tarp Kit Dump Truck Trailer

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Manual Dump Tarp Roller Kit

I have had many customers ask me about UP-GRADING their Manual Hand Crank Roller Tarp Kit to an ELECTRIC SPRING ARM SYSTEM. That can't be done with a standard Hand Crank System because the mounting brackets are to small and the roller axle is the wrong size to mount an Electric Motor to. So we have developed a system that solves this problem! This system has mounting brackets, bearings, and roller axle sized for an electric motor. Our system has a Ground Lever Crank so you can lock the roller to keep the tarp from unrolling. With this new UP-GRADEABLE SYSTEM changing from a manual system to an electric system is quick and easy and you don't have to throw away your old system and start new when you decide you are ready to push a button inside your truck instead of getting out in the weather to pull out your tarp or crank it in . You can add Spring Arms now or later.

This kit does not come with a tarp.
We have mesh or solid tarps listed in the Tarp Category or call Dennis to add a tarp!

This system is so NEW we do not have a picture of it mounted on a truck yet! If you will send me 5 good pictures of this kit mounted on a newer clean truck, I will refund your shipping charges to you!


Features + Specifications
  • 103" Extruded aluminum tarp axle designed to cut to fit the exact bed width of dumps & trailers up to 102" wide.
  • Heavy Duty mounting brackets that can handle an electric motor and wind deflector later
  • Axle bearings with flanges.
  • Ground Level folding crank handle with latch to keep tarp from unrolling while driving.
  • 22' pull rope included with 2 sets of rope storage hooks included.
  • Everything needed for installation is included in this kit!

You can add a Pull Bar Retention Bow by selecting the YES option at the top of this listing. The shipping cost of the retention bow is included in the price.

This kit does not come with a tarp.


Call Dennis at 859-707-7210 for a custom size tarp

Need a tarp 7'4" wide? No Problem! We can do ANY width!


Note: To help select proper tarp size, tarp width should not exceed outside width of cab shield or bulkhead. Tarp length should generally be 2'–3' longer than body and cab shield length.




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Customer Review: Dennis, I just want to thank you for the fast, professional service. This was my third purchase from ParisSupply.Com and it sure won't be my last. The tarp systems work great and my drivers thank you. I'm really pleased with the quality of the materials and the price of the systems. Tony Setzer PC Mulch