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Under Tailgate Spreaders


The SaltDogg Tailgate Salt Spreader can be mounted under the tailgate of a dump truck. It can be used to spread salt, sand, small gravel, or a mix of each.

SaltDogg Under Tailgate Salt Spreaders help in improving the usefulness of large commercial and government vehicles, including the dump truck. Installing a Under tailgate salt spreader under the tailgate of the vehicle allows you to use it over the year without limiting its functionality in any way. These under tailgate spreaders are made of heavy stainless steel and are very durable.

You can install the Hydraulic under tailgate spreaders on your dump truck if you have a central hydraulic system already in place or you can purchase the Electric Model 90440SSA standard discharge or the 92441SSA center discharge if you do not have a central hydraulic system. These salt spreaders can serve you in a high-quality fashion, and if you have any question regarding the pros and cons of these spreaders, we are happy to discuss them with you. You need to call us to get all the information about the features of these under tailgate spreaders and how they can be utilized in your specific application.