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Contractor Grade Tool Boxes


Our commercial truck toolboxes are made out of rustproof, lightweight aluminum and steel and are strong and durable enough to last long even in harsh conditions, under heavy usage. We have different commercial truck toolboxes for different truck types. Our underbody toolboxes can be mounted under the bed of box and flat bed trucks. On the other hand, our topsider toolboxes can be mounted on the top side of pickup trucks.

All our commercial truck toolboxes are spacious enough and feature smart trays to offer you more storage space and options for tools with different sizes. So, these toolboxes keep all the tools that are important for life and livelihood in proximity to you while you are on the road – allowing easy accessibility.

Our commercial truck tool boxes, both topsider and underbody toolboxes, can be used to store lots of other items in pickup trucks, most of which don’t have a trunk or another similar storage space. You can use these toolboxes to keep emergency supplies and grocery items.